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27 July 2009 @ 03:23 am
becoming human...[0~5/?]  
Title:  Becoming Human...
Rating: R (over all)
Pairing: Jaesuchun
Genre: Angsty (sorta...), Romance, Supernatural
Summary:  Jaejoong and Junsu move into a small town named DalJip.  Yoochun, a local, is drawn in by the two.  This is a story of their growing relationship.

Note: I FAIL at summaries and therefore, hate the one I made for this one.  Daahhh~ *facepalms*  I've been reading a lot of vampire books/novels these days and have always loved vampire stories.  This is my first attempt at one... and I hope I haven't failed too horribly.

here's a link to the chapters i've posted so far...
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