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16 January 2010 @ 01:34 pm
keeping you [1/1]  
title: keeping you
pairing: junsu&jaejoong, junsu&yoochun, jaejoong&yoochun
rating: G
genre: uhh...angst?
length: one shot
summary: junsu, jaejoong, and yoochun are friends.  yoochun being junsu's childhood friend and jaejoong being junsu's current best friend. (not really a summary, sorry.)

notes: um.  i don't really know where the plot came from.  but lately, i've been getting vibes of yoochun and jaejoong being way too...together (for lack of a better word).  still, i'd love me some jaechunsu.  i need more of that OT3. ;D

[keeping you]