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26 July 2009 @ 02:24 am
Blood and Tears [1/3]  
Blood and Tears

Jaejoong/Yoochun in this part (main), Yoochun/Junsu, Junsu/Jaejoong, Yoochun/Jaejoong/Junsu, R for violence.
Noir, Lemon, 1058 w.

Weaknesses were supposed to be exploited and Jaejoong on his knees was irresistible. Yoochun could never get enough of it.

A/N: So this part is Dry your eyes. Title from Sleeping with Ghosts by Placebo which was listened to on repeat. :| :D

Jaejoong scraped his nails hard down the skin of Yoochun's back, stopping as he heard the quietly muttered 'sorry'.