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06 June 2009 @ 06:25 pm
A Palace of Three - 2/3  
Title:  A Palace of Three - 2/3
Pairings: JaeChunSU
Rating: NC-17 over all
Genre: Smut (??)
Summary : Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu live together in a three bedroom apartment.  Jaejoong and Yoochun both have a somewhat twisted interest in Junsu.  Yoochun acts like a stalker and Jaejoong obsesses over dominating Junsu. 
Warning:  Un-betaed, first attempt, written in one go on a whim.

"Ok!  Dinner's all ready!  Yoochun-ah!  Come out already!", yelled Jaejoong.

Yoochun was holed up in his room with the door locked as always.  Junsu was always curious about what Yoochun did in that dingy room of his, but Yoochun would never tell him.

Yoochun, meanwhile, was looking through his Pictures folder on his computer.  The minute he had changed into his sweats and white ribbed tank, he had turned on his computer.  He seated himself in the amazingly comfortable leather swivel seat that he had splurged on.

He clicked the Pictures folder.  Within that folder was yet another folder labeled: 'sujunXXX'.  Yoochun admitted to himself that 'sujun' wasn't a very good code name, but he knew that Junsu himself wouldn't notice that 'sujun' was actually 'junsu' with the characters switched.

Within THAT folder, was a bunch of pictures of various dogs.  If someone (like Junsu) had stumbled upon the 'sujunXXX' folder in his desktop, Yoochun figured he could just say it was a folder of pictures of various dog breeds he was looking to own.

It was partially true... about the 'looking to own' part... but in the 'sujunXXX' folder was yet another folder labeled simply: 'home'.  In this seemingly innocent 'home' folder was various candid and secret photos of Junsu in various poses around their shared apartment.

There were many of Junsu topless as well as secret pictures taken in the shower.  In another folder in the 'sujunXX folder', amongst the doggie photos, was another folder apart from the 'home' folder; this was the 'outside' folder.

The 'outside' folder pictures had been secretly taken by a hired hand and, of course, they were all of Junsu.  They were pictures of Junsu in his daily life outside the apartment when Junsu was away from Yoochun.  He had pictures of Junsu smiling, laughing, eating, tripping, talking with his friends, and even studying.

When Jaejoong had called him for dinner, Yoochun was busy looking at the photos his automatic spy cameras, which were installed throughout the house, had shot of Junsu for that day.

Sure enough, there were pictures of Junsu sneaking into Jaejoong's room and reading the scripts.  There were pictures of Junsu looking guilty and annoyed as he kneeled in jaejoong's doorway.

From the living room, Yoochun heard Junsu's whine.

"Can I come to dinner too?", Junsu was asking Jaejoong.

"Only after Yoochun comes out.  And only after we all sit down and take our first bite... THEN you can get up and eat with us", Jaejoong told Junsu haughtily.

Junsu groaned and Yoochun smiled at the thought of Junsu pouting and squirming as Junsu waited for Yoochun to come out of his room.

"Hmm... maybe I should take my time", Yoochun mused thinking about the great shots his cameras were capturing of Junsu.

"Yoochun-aaaahhh~", Junsu called from Jaejoong's doorway.  "Jaejoong Hyung says dinner's reaaaaddyyy~~"

Yoochun grinned and counted to five before answering.

"OK!  Be riiiight... out."


Junsu straightened his back and stretched his long neck as far as he could to watch Jaejoong and Yoochun eat their first bite.

As soon as the spoon hit their lips, Junsu stood right up and started to race toward the kitchen table but...


Junsu fell flat on his face as soon as he took a step.

Yoochun splurted out his soup that he had just taken a spoonful of and Jaejoong stood up so fast that he knocked his chair over.

"Are you OK?", asked Jaejoong as he rushed over to Junsu.

Junsu, clutching his squished nose, winced as he accepted Jaejoong's aiding hand.

"Yeah... my legs just fell asleep", Junsu said as he glared at Yoochun, who was cracking up as he clutched his stomach.

"OH my gosh... sooo funny!  Wish I had that on video!!!", he laughed.  "Well... at least I..."

Yoochun stopped laughing and clamped his own hand over his mouth.

Yoochun had almost blurted out, "at least I have it in still-shots".

"At least what?", asked Junsu with a glare.

"Nothing, nothing... are you OK?", Yoochun asked smiling mischeviously.

Jaejoong supported Junsu by holding on to Junsu's waist as Junsu wrapped an arm around the older boy's neck.

"No thanks to you!", Junsu cried.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, Xiah-yah... If it weren't for me and my punishment...", Jaejoong said worriedly as he gently placed Junsu on his chair in front of the kitchen table.

Junsu quirked one corner of his mouth up.

"Hyung, weren't you the one enjoying my punishment the most just minutes before???", Junsu asked with an eyebrow raised.

"Eh?!  Oh... eh... yeah, but..."

Junsu smiled at Jaejoong's nervous fidgets.
"It's OK... it was my own fault.  I'm so starved though!", Junsu said as he scooped a huge spoonful of rice into his mouth.

Jaejoong smiled gently at the cute form of Junsu eating.  Jaejoong wondered what face Junsu would have on if Jaejoong had tied Junsu to the chair... with the food juuust out of reach.

Then, he glanced over at Yoochun.  Yoochun was eating too, but his eyes were on Junsu the whole time and he was grinning like a cat stalking a mouse.

"What are you smiling about?", asked Jaejoong to Yoochun in an annoyed voice.

Junsu was too busy eating to notice.

"Huh?  Oh... nothing... just... looking forward to it", Yoochun said cryptically.

"Looking forward to what?", asked a confused Jaejoong.

"Nothing... absolutely nothing."

"Freak...", mumbled Jaejoong.  "Stop mad dogging Junsu and just eat~!"


Yoochun retreated back into his room relatively quickly after dinner.

But Jaejoong wasn't complaning.

"Junsu-yah... wanna take a shower together?", Jaejoong asked in a sweet voice.  "I feel bad about today's punishment.  I'll scrub your back for you."

Junsu looked up from munching on apple as he played video games and smiled.  "OK!"

"I'm going in first... I'll be waiting", Jaejoong said as he slipped into the large bathroom.

Their apartment had exactly two bathrooms.  One was the large one with the tub and one was a smaller one without a shower stall or tub.  The one unique thing about the large bathroom was that it was basically a huge showering facility.  Instead of a normal bathroom, it was more like a mini bath house.

The large bathroom had a sink and mirror, but the whole room was covered in tile and had a drains on the floor.  In other words, it was one large shower stall.  It had a large jacuzzi tub as well as several faucets and shower heads used to massage and pour out steam and water.

They took turns using the shower, but sometimes, all three of them would shower together; it was that big.

Now, Jaejoong took out one of his bottles from his bath salts collection.

"Hmm... yes... lavender jasmine for relaxing stress...", Jaejoong mumbled as he dumped a generous amount into the pre-filled jacuzzi tub that was already bubbling as per Jaejoong's settings.

Jaejoong took off his robe.

All he had on was a small towel, usually used for drying one's hair, around his waist.  He stepped into the tub and soon sank into the hot but inviting water and closed his eyes.

"Ahh~~~  this is so good", he said outloud.

Inside his mind he thought, "but i'll be so much better when Junsu comes in..."


Junsu munched on his apples cut like rabbits (by Jaejoong) as he finished off the last level of his video game.

"Ah~~ so boring.  I finished this game twice already!", he said to himself.  "Tomorrow, I better ask HyukJae if he has any new games..."

Then he remembered that Jaejoong had invited him to shower with him.

He smiled as he thought of the relaxing back scrubbings that Jaejoong could give.

If Jaejoong felt guilty enough, then maybe one of Jaejoong's awesome massages would follow too.

Junsu smiled mischeviously and planned on acting repentant about the mess he had made earlier.

Junsu giggled with a hand over his mouth.

"I'm so... naughty!", he whispered to himself in delight as he went toward the large bathroom.

Little did he know that Yoochun was laughing right along with him in the depths of his room.

Junsu took off his clothes and tossed them in the laundry hamper in the laundry room that was adjacent to the large bathroom.  He grabbed a small towel like the one Jaejoong had on from the linen closet next to the laundry room and tied it around his waist.

He clapped his hands together and rubbed them in anticipation for the back scrub he would be getting.

"Ah, Junsu...that conniving look you have is so cute..." mumbled Yoochun as he watched Junsu from his computer.

Yoochun saved all of the photos into the 'home' folder he had under the 'sujunXXX' folder.  Yoochun, too, clapped his hands and rubbed them together in anticipation of going over all his photos again... and for the soon to be taken photos of Junsu in the shower with Jaejoong.


Jaejoong heard the door of the bathroom open and felt the cold draft of air, but he didn't open his eyes.

He was enjoying the hot water and the feeling of Junsu's eyes gazing over his expertly poised body in the water - legs slightly crossed and stretched out with his back against the wall of the tub and his two arms spread out and his head tilted slightly back...

"This way, Junsu can see my long lashes", Jaejoong thought as he fluttered his eyelids a little without opening them.

"Are you sleeping?", came Junsu's whisper.

Junsu's voice was near Jaejoong's cheek now and Jaejoong felt another kind of heat rise in him at Junsu's proximity.

It was then that Jaejoong's eyes flew open, startling the both of them.

"Oh!  You're awake", Junsu said as he jumped back, flushing slightly.

Junsu gingerly stepped into the water and winced when he felt the temperature.

"So hot!", Junsu said as Jaejoong secretly agreed in his mind, but Junsu was talking about the water... 

Jaejoong stared as Junsu put one leg, then another into the tub and watched closely as Junsu settled himself in the water.

Jaejoong caught all the movements of the small white towel covering Junsu's bottom half and watched with hawk eyes as the white towel swayed in the water, uncovering all the things it was hiding.

"Are you trying to boil us alive?", Junsu asked.  "The water's so hot!"

Jaejoong smiled at the younger boy's complaint as he watched the hot water send pink spots of prickling heat onto Junsu's skin.

Jaejoong cleared his throat and tore his eyes away from Junsu's towel and skin.

"Ahem... um... the hot water will be better for you when we start exfoliating", Jaejoong explained.  "For now, just close your eyes and try to soak in the tub... I put in bath salts for you."

"Oooh!  Bath salts!  I likey!", Junsu squealed as he pitter pattered around in the tub to look for unmelted crystals.

Jaejoong stretched out a hand and gently grasped Junsu's upper arm.

"Just sit and relax, Junsu-yah... close your eyes and let all the day's stress just soak out of you...", Jaejoong said in his most soothing voice.

It seemed to have worked because Junsu's eyes were slowly closing and his movements were slowing.

"Mm... it's so warm in here... with all the steam and... is that lavender... jasmine...?..."

Junsu tilted his head back onto the built in head cushions surrounding the jacuzzi.  Junsu's eyes were closed and he had a small smile playing on his lips.  Only his fingers stayed in movement as he swayed them through the water.

Jaejoong smiled and leaned back into his own position.

Now Jaejoong could freely stare at Junsu's body without having to pretend.

Jaejoong's eyes traveled all over Junsu's body, appreciating the firmness of Junsu's muscles and the softness of Junsu's form.

Oh, how Jaejoong wanted to run his fingers all over Junsu's tanned skin... but that would come later.

Jaejoong smiled mischeviously and watched almost hungrily as the towel once again shifted with the bubbles of the jacuzzi. 
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