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02 June 2009 @ 01:27 pm
A Palace of Three - [1/3]  
Title:  A Palace of Three - 1/3
Pairings: JaeChunSU
Rating: NC-17 over all
Genre: Smut (??)
Summary : Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu live together in a three bedroom apartment.  Jaejoong and Yoochun both have a somewhat twisted interest in Junsu.  Yoochun acts like a stalker and Jaejoong obsesses over dominating Junsu. 
Warning:  Un-betaed, first attempt, written in one go on a whim.

My first attempt at writing smut (and first time posting here! ^_^) ... so, I don't think it's too great.  I wrote it in a flurry of JaeChunSu inspriation...

Anyway, enjoy!

ps. dear mod, please let me know if i need to change anything or have violated a rule. ^^

It all started with the Romantic Drama script entitled: The Lovers' Storm.

Ever since Jaejoong had appeared in "Heaven's Postman", other offers for drama roles had been coming in.  "The Lovers' Storm" was one such drama.

By the looks of it, the script didn't look very appealing.  For one thing, it was way too dramatic.

[JunSoon - female lead:  "Since when?"]

[JaeJun - male lead:  "...it was love at first sight..."]

[JunSoon slaps JaeJun.]

[JunSoon, while throwing her arms passionately about:  "I can't believe it!!!  So, all this time... you've only approached me in THAT way?  Were we never friends???!!!"]

[JaeJun grabs the wrist of a fleeing and crying JunSoon.]

[JaeJun, with a firm and passionate grasp on JunSoon's wrists: "No!!!  I've always loved you...it's true!  I treasure you more than anything in the world..."]

[JunSoon, crying passionately into JaeJun's chest:  "You betrayed me!!!  You... liar... traitor... you..."]

[JunSoon's sobs are drowned out by a passionate kiss from JaeJun.]

Junsu threw down the script in disgust.

"Ugh... what's with all the passionate action?", he mumbled to himself.  "Lovers' Storm, huh?  I hope Jaejoong Hyung and Manager Hyung rejected this role right away..."

"What are you doing in my room?"

Junsu turned around to see Jaejoong walk in.  He was wearing his white silk pajama pants that billowed every time he took a step.  He was also wearing a white ribbed tank.

"Umm... nothing... just was bored", Junsu told him trying to hide the messy pile of scripts that he had rifted through.

"Yah!  You made a mess again, didn't you?!", Jaejoong accused.

Junsu felt his cheeks get hot.

"No!  I didn't!  I was just looking...and..."

Jaejoong pushed Junsu aside with one swift movement of his huge muscular arm.  Because Junsu's body had been tensed, Jaejoong easily pushed the younger boy aside.

"I knew it!!!  What do you call this???", Jaejoong said as he pointed to the scattered pile of scripts.  "This was all organized and in neat piles when I last left this room.  Kim Junsu, you'd better start explaning...and get ready for a punishment!"


"What are you doing?", asked Yoochun as he walked into our shared apartment.

"Nothing... just go about your own way OK?", Junsu said as he turned and looked at Yoochun with a grumpy face.

Junsu was kneeling precisely in the middle of the doorway leading into Jaejoong's room with both of his arms raised in the air.  And he was facing, not toward the living room, but towards the inside of Jaejoong's room.

As Yoochun was peering at Junsu's back side with a half amused and half curious look, Jaejoong came out of the room looking like he was trying to hide his smugness.

"Oh hey Yoochun... just coming back?", Jaejoong asked nonchalantly and blatantly ignoring Junsu's pleading looks.  "How was your day?"

"Uhh... yeah, just fine.  Hey, what is Junsu doing sitting in your doorway?", Yoochun asked.

And just as Yoochun finished his last word, Jaejoong lightly pushed the open door, kicking back at it with his left foot.  In doing so, he made the door slam directly onto... Junsu's butt.

"Ow", came a dull and monotonous reply from Junsu.  "Forgive me, Jaejoong-sama."

Jaejoong smiled like a lazy cat.

"Good... but louder Junsu-yah, I can't heaaar you!", Jaejoong said in a singy-songy voice.

Yoochun widened his eyes in wonder.

"What'd you do that for?", he asked Jaejoong.

"It's my punishment", replied Junsu for Jaejoong, who had already disappeared into the kitchen. 

Junsu turned his head around to look at Yoochun.  Junsu's face was looking guilty.

"I went into Jaejoong Hyung's room again because I was bored and... made a mess again.  Now I have to say: 'Ow.  Forgive me Jaejoong-sama' everytime he shuts the door on me."

"Doesn't it hurt?", asked Yoochun bending down to match Junsu's eye level.

Junsu shrugged.

"It's OK.  This is like the 67th time already.  It doesn't hurt anymore.  Besides, the door only bounces off my butt... it doesn't hurt THAT much."

Yoochun giggled.
"It's because your butt is so big and plump!", he laughed.

Junsu frowned but quickly turned his head when he saw Jaejoong coming back towards them from behind Yoochun.

"Stop talking to the prisoner!", scolded Jaejoong to Yoochun.  "He's receiving punishment!"

"Prisoner?", Yoochun asked as he raised an eyebrow.  "Junsu is your prisoner now?  Jaejoong Hyung... are you into... certain games by any chance???"

Jaejoong blushed lightly.

"You know what I mean!", he cried.  "Junsu is off limits right now.  He's mine until the punishment is over."

Junsu whimpered and Jaejoong kicked the door again.

"Ow.  Forgive me Jaejoong-sama."

Yoochun laughed, but asked seriously, "Can I try?"

Jaejoong glared at Yoochun before answering, "No."

"Aww... why do you get all the fun, Hyung?", Yoochun whined.

"This isn't for fun!!!  It's punishment, I tell you!", yelled Jaejoong with flushed cheeks.

"Suuure... just like Junsu's butt was made to be a doorstop..."

Yoochun disappeared into his own room laughing and mumbling something about Jaejoong and his secret fetish.

Jaejoong frowned and muttered, "Stupid Yoochun... never should have told him my secrets" and once again kicked the door.

"Ow.  Forgive me Jaejoong-sama."

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gdtle1: [DBSK] YooSu Flailagegdtle1 on February 19th, 2010 11:23 am (UTC)

I'm having a very amusing image in my head of Junsu sitting with his duck butt sticking out, with a very apathetic look on this face. Really liked this chapter :D